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Stonetech Paving are your local fencing experts. Whether you're looking to improve the curb appeal of your property with modern fencing, create an custom design or repair damage, Stonetech Paving is here to improve your fencing.

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Fencing serves both practical and aesthetic purposes in a variety of settings, such as residential properties, commercial spaces, and agricultural areas. At Stonetech Paving, when designing a fence, we discuss factors with our customers, such as privacy, security, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements, helping our customers choose their ideal design.

Fencing contractors

As professional fencing contractors, Stonetech Paving have many years of experience, working with a wide range of styles and materials.

As each fencing job is different, we have gained the experience to create appealing, functional designs in a variety of landscape scenarios.

Close board fencing

Close board fencing is a popular type of wooden fencing that is commonly used for privacy, security, and boundary marking in residential gardens and commercial properties. This type of fencing is known for its strength, durability, and classic appearance. As it is the post popular style of garden boundary fencing, Stonetech Paving have many years of experience installing Coventry close board fencing.

Panel fencing

Wooden panel fencing is a classic and popular choice. It offers a natural and rustic appearance and can be made from different types of wood. Different panel materials offer various advantages, Stonetech Paving are here to help you choose the material that suits your requirements and complements the overall design of your outdoor space.

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Licenced Fencing experts in Coventry

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Cedar Contemporary fencing Installation

Cedar contemporary fencing provides a harmonious blend of natural aesthetics and modern design elements. The fencing typically involves horizontal planks of strong cedar. It is often chosen for properties with contemporary architecture, minimalist landscaping, or those seeking a balance between privacy, aesthetics, and durability.

Composite fencing

Composite fencing is typically made from a blend of recycled wood fibers (often wood flour or sawdust) and recycled plastic materials. This combination creates a strong, durable, and weather-resistant material. Composite fencing is known for its resistance to rot, decay, insects, and weathering. It does not warp, crack, or splinter like traditional wood fencing. Stonetech Paving are your go-to, professional contractors for installing composite fencing.

Post and rail fencing

Post and rail fencing has a straightforward and uncomplicated design. It typically consists of evenly spaced horizontal rails that are attached to vertical posts. The rails can be secured into notches or brackets on the posts.

Also known as split rail fencing, post and rail fencing a classic and rustic type of fencing which is widely used for various purposes, including property boundaries, agricultural settings, and decorative landscaping.

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